12 Questions To Live With

By Paul Dunion / April 15, 2019

The invitation is to live with these questions rather than to live by. To live by suggests each question gets a neat and tight answer and all is well. To live with reflects a commitment to respond to them throughout our lives, allowing them to refresh and renew our relationship with ourselves and deepening our…

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Pro Feminism – Beyond Altruism

By Paul Dunion / April 8, 2019

Men who are pro-feminism miss the boat when their supportive efforts are allegedly driven by altruism or kindness. It is not that kindness is somehow inappropriate. It simply misses the depth of something authentically relational. Here are some of the pitfalls both genders experience with altruistic pro-feminism. “Look at me championing feminism.” When self-interest remains…

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Gender Inequality – Two Paradigms of Power

By Paul Dunion / March 24, 2019

Gender inequality is written and spoken about as a disparity of power.  What is meant by power? An ancient definition of the word power is “able to”.  We live in a significantly extroverted culture and therefore the idea of being “able to”, will likely refer to several external conditions: education, occupation and finances. When we…

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A Blessing for Friendship

By Paul Dunion / March 10, 2019

Friendship is the place where our hearts are touched and moved. Moved toward some depth of feeling and insight. Moved toward some new courage ushering me closer to a risk that has been waiting for me. My friend remembers himself in my presence, assuring me that distractions will be minimal. My friend remembers me, and…

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A Blessing For Seekers

By Paul Dunion / February 25, 2019

The same contractions that pushed and nudged you from the comfort and repose of your mother’s womb will again and again announce the presence of some threshold awaiting you. May you be received with welcome whenever you dare to be born again. That initial incubation was meant to prepare you for something larger. You were,…

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Apprenticeship With Integrity

By Paul Dunion / February 24, 2019

Contrary to popular opinion, the arduous work of living in integrity has little or nothing to do with being moral.  It’s not about right and wrong. It’s about who you are. It’s about growing up.  It’s about leaving home enough times to know what are your personal values, rather than believing in something because you…

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Tub Talk

By Paul Dunion / January 28, 2019

I have committed to bringing what I refer to as more Hermetic energy into my life. Hermes was the messenger, able to deliver communiqué from the gods to humans as well as information from mortals to the Divine.  We can utilize this divine messenger as a metaphor. The spirit of Hermes lives as we allow…

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The Betrayal of Manhood

By Paul Dunion / January 23, 2019

“Boy, it’s time for you to die!” proclaims an indigenous Chief flanked by tribal elders dressed in their ritualistic garb, about to address an American boy whom they found lost in the jungle and raised.  (From the film ‘The Emerald Forest’, based upon a true story.)  An unspoken tragedy of our times is that it…

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The Quiet Wound

By Paul Dunion / January 21, 2019

Unlike wounds resulting from physical or sexual abuse where the invasive energy is blatant, the wounding energy of Emotional Incest is stealthy and very difficult to track. The intrusive psychic energy of the perpetrator is packaged in care and attention. It can be quite challenging to break into this care-package and reveal the expectations and…

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Developmental Trauma and Boundaries Supporting a Well Lived Life

By Paul Dunion / January 1, 2019

Trauma can be defined as the experience of an unregulated nervous system due to the violation of a physical, sexual or emotional boundary.  An unregulated nervous system tends to constrict thinking, feeling and acting. Developmental trauma is the result of repeated violations throughout childhood. It leaves violated individuals confused about how to support their own…

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