Paul Dunion is a teacher, author, mediator and transformational coach committed to remaining mindful of life as a mysterious and unpredictable journey. As a Consulting Psychologist, he offers private and group consultations, transformational coaching, and seminars internationally, aimed at deepening our capacity to receive the mystery of life and to travel our unique path. Paul approaches his work with deep compassion, a wide and deep heart for each of his clients, a gentle spirit and a playful sense of humor.

Often described as an eclectic mystic, Paul teaches how to make peace with the unknown. He focuses on what it means to be on the descended path, which is depicted in mythology as the initial stage toward manifesting purpose. It is characterized as a commitment to accountability, carrying one’s truth with compassion, and viewing life as a path to personal discovery. Committed to a Socratic method of teaching, Paul’s intention is to serve as a muse, awakening the truths that live in his students.

A steadfast believer in the power of community, in 1992 Paul founded Boys to Men, a mentoring program for teenage boys in Norwich, Connecticut, and COMEGA, the semi-annual Connecticut Men’s Gathering, now in it’s 32nd year of service. Paul currently is a Senior Faculty with Mobius Executive Leadership and teaches at Mobius’ Next Practice Institute. He also offers customized Leadership Immersions globally.

Storytelling, speaking and writing are some of Paul’s strongest gifts. He is a regular contributor to various online platforms, including To date he has published eight books. His most recent offering is Family: In Search of Genuine Belonging.

Paul believes that our primary spiritual task is learning how our wills can dance rhythmically with fate — creating our own destiny. From his own waltz, Paul writes:

I have discovered just how challenging it is to commit to authentic individuating where we access the courage and resourcefulness needed to honor the uniqueness of our own depths, discovering how we are called to serve.

I believe that the most authentic way to represent myself is by describing what and whom I love. I love my writing practice, cycling, and hanging out at the beach. At the beach I love eating breakfast with Connie, talking, swimming, walking, reading, writing and napping. The beach is extremely restorative for me. I’ve been a gym rat since I was eight-years-old. I love helping build genuine expressions of community where people are comfortable being authentic, compassionate, creative and generative. I love being a husband, not in some conventional way, but because I am deeply grateful to be joined in learning so much about human relationship. I love participating in the deepening of a marriage where I am asked to honor the diversity of two unique souls. I remain appreciative for the opportunity to learn how to love and be loved. I love writing, especially when the words tell a story about the beauty, wonder and challenge of being fully alive. I am deeply fond of teaching with the use of story and facilitating healing that supports folks to step into a larger story, living with more integrity and compassion. I continue to be deeply touched by the soul work of men. Lastly, I certainly experience an endearment with our Golden Retriever Kody, who is a loyal companion and whose penetrating eye contact suggests something other than canine obedience.

“Life, I owe you an amends. For I have generated an inordinate amount of answers and in doing so, I have brought irreverence upon your depth and the sacredness of your mystery.”