From 2013-2018 Paul created and facilitated The Croton Mystery School, intended to open the heart to deeper healing, to come to understand the mystery of union, to fiercely explore and speak truth, and to celebrate the beauty and challenge of participating in the human condition. Through Making Peace with Mystery, a central theme in Paul’s practice, hundreds of individuals have reclaimed their wholeness of self.

Paul offers trainings and speaks internationally for Mobius Executive Leadership as a Senior Expert. He participated in the 2019 Next Practice Institute’s Annual Gathering, leading a very special men-only immersive study track entitled Feeding the Hunger of the Masculine Soul.

The Gathering offers a rare setting in which to study the myriad arts needed to serve as a practitioner of adult development/coaching, team intervention, organizational development, large scale culture work and social entrepreneurship.

Paul also leads an ongoing Supervision Group for Psychotherapists, Social Workers, Trainers, Coaches and anyone facilitating Human Potential.