Paul offers trainings and speaks internationally for Mobius Executive Leadership as Senior Faculty. He is scheduled to co-facilitate The Maturing Masculine program on April 8-12, 2024, at Chateauform in Rothenbuch, Germany..

About The Maturing Masculine: “During this 4-day retreat, we will jointly discover and invigorate our integrity, authenticity, curiosity, courage, and compassion. The invitation is to welcome and integrate more of your soul and embrace all archetypes of the mature masculine –to consciously continue and deepen your initiation into being a man and an executive in today’s world.” Click here for registration inquiries.

For the past 40 years Paul has offered over 300 workshops and seminars, intended to open the heart to deeper healing, to come to understand the mystery of union, to fiercely explore and speak truth, and to celebrate the beauty and challenge of participating in the human condition. Through Making Peace with Mystery, a central theme in Paul’s philosophy, hundreds of individuals have reclaimed their wholeness of self.



Paul’s latest podcast event is called “When Life Gets You Right”, with Andy Cahill. Listen to the Wonder Dome podcast here.

Aired on November 9, 2021, Paul joined Tony Rezac’s Basecamp For Men podcast as a special guest. The episode is titled Elderhood and the Legacy of Men. Enjoy!