"Paul invites us back to what most of us knew in life, but then over time forgot the joy and wonder that comes from accepting life’s impenetrable mystery.”

—Thom Allena, Professor of Peace Studies, University of New Mexico and co-author of Restorative Justice on the College Campus

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About Paul

Paul Dunion is a healer, teacher, author, and eclectic mystic committed to remaining mindful of life as a mysterious and unpredictable journey. He offers consultations, transformational coaching, and seminars internationally aimed at deepening our capacity to receive the mystery of life and to travel our unique path.

Making Peace with Mystery

Making Peace with Mystery reflects the most pervasive initiatory process in all indigenous cultures. It is regularly referred to as the Initiation into the Mysterium Tremendum (Great Mystery). Once we can accept that we are on a deeply mysterious and insecure journey we can begin to step into a dynamic and creative dance between our personal wills and the power of Fate. Such a dance is aimed at yielding a destiny illuminated by both depth and meaning.


“Life is an extremely deep mystery.
Let yourself be touched by her and she may grant you a glimpse.”


Wisdom – Apprenticing to the Unknown & Befriending Fate

"Dr. Paul Dunion's Wisdom is a must read for anyone on a path of personal development or spiritual seeking. Its precision, practicality and beauty are the fruits of Paul's lifetime exploring the human psyche, intimacy and attachment, and the embodied path of meeting the Mystery. This is a rare and sweeping look at where modern life places us away from immanent experience and inside a series of costly by-passes in habit, mindset and practices. It is a handbook for a modern seeker who wishes their life to be infused with meaning, joy, closeness and devotion."

Amy Elizabeth Fox
Transformational Coach and CEO, Mobius Executive Leadership


JOIN PAUL at WISDOM'S first book signing event on January 11, 2022 at 6pm. This is a great opportunity to learn directly from Paul about the process of WISDOM. Looking forward to seeing you there!

Bank Square Books - 53 West Main St - Mystic, Connecticut

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Teaching & Training

Paul has facilitated over 200 workshops on a global scale focused on topics pertaining to human potential and transformational development for over 30 years. He is an accomplished, dynamic and interactive presenter.

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