"Paul invites us back to what most of us knew in life, but then over time forgot the joy and wonder that comes from accepting life’s impenetrable mystery.”

—Thom Allena, Professor of Peace Studies, University of New Mexico and co-author of Restorative Justice on the College Campus

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Paul Dunion is a teacher, author, and transformational coach committed to remaining mindful of life as a mysterious and unpredictable journey. He offers consultations, transformational coaching, and seminars internationally aimed at deepening our capacity to receive the mystery of life and to travel our unique path.

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My Days with Emma: A Soulful Path to Elderhood

It’s simply not true! Your aging does not mandate rounds of golf and martinis, while staying out of the way of progress. Loss does not have to be the most salient aspect of aging. If you allow the years to be instructive, valuable insight can be passed on. As you are not so preoccupied with achieving worldly pursuits, your inner world becomes more accessible. What you have learned and what you can teach become unequivocal. My Days with Emma – A Soulful Path to Elderhood offers readers a blueprint for being a valued resource while aging. Find out how your maturity can be a worthy way to serve in the winter of your life, yielding a rich legacy.


“Paul Dunion’s My Days with Emma: A Soulful Path to Elderhood  is not only a wise book; it is a practical guide to the reconfiguring of one’s life. He covers the questions, the resistances, and the developmental tasks of aging as well as anyone I know. His conversations with Emma, a wise woman senior to him, is both an outer encounter with a woman who has lived the journey and reflected on it, and an inner encounter with his own questioning, anxious, yet resourceful anima. This book is especially practical for men because it asks questions for them that rest still unspoken in their hearts, and for women who want to know more about those strange creatures we call men.”

– James Hollis, PhD, Jungian Analyst; Author, The Broken Mirror: Refracted Visions of Ourselves


Available Winter 2022

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Teaching & Training

Paul has facilitated over 300 workshops on a global scale focused on topics pertaining to human potential and transformational development for over 30 years. He is an accomplished, dynamic and interactive presenter.

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Being Needed vs. Being Loved

Whether there simply wasn’t enough love available during childhood, or you witnessed one parent needing the other, or you didn’t believe you deserved love, many intimate relationships reveal one person settling for being needed. I’m not sure if it happens with some awareness or is a completely unconscious dynamic. It may be that there is…

Making Peace with Mystery

Making Peace with Mystery reflects the most pervasive initiatory process in all indigenous cultures. It is regularly referred to as the Initiation into the Mysterium Tremendum (Great Mystery). Once we can accept that we are on a deeply mysterious and insecure journey we can begin to step into a dynamic and creative dance between our personal wills and the power of Fate. Such a dance is aimed at yielding a destiny illuminated by both depth and meaning.


“Life is an extremely deep mystery.
Let yourself be touched by her and she may grant you a glimpse.”