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Paul Dunion is a teacher, author, mediator and transformational coach committed to remaining mindful of life as a mysterious and unpredictable journey. As a Consulting Psychologist he offers private and group consultations, transformational coaching, and seminars internationally aimed at deepening our capacity to receive the mystery of life and to travel our unique path.


Upcoming Events:

Online: Join Paul at an Atmosphere Press event on May 18, 2024 at 11am as he reads from Family: In Search of Genuine Belonging. This is an online event and registration is required. Secure your spot by clicking HERE

In Person: Paul will be at Bank Square Books (53 West Main St, Mystic) on Saturday, June 29th  from 1-3pm, signing copies of Family: In Search of Genuine Belonging. If you are local to eastern Connecticut, please come on by! For more information about the event click HERE

Family: In Search of Genuine Belonging, Paul's latest pioneering publication, is now available for purchase.


Family: In Search of Genuine Belonging offers a lucid account of the types of families we come from as well as the childhood roles we play in them. The text offers ways to liberate ourselves from the rigidity of a family role. Because there are no perfect families, we can identify what family patterns inhibit our maturation and the ones that support our individuation. The reader is encouraged to learn how to curate self-belonging and the deepening of belonging with others, as well as to honor life-giving legacies while interrupting those antithetical to the life force. 


Save the Date! November 10-15, 2024

Paul will be co-facilitating the track The Power of Being Self Referenced with Andi Winter, at NPI’s 7th Annual Gathering at The Ocean Edge Resort and Golf Club in Brewster, Massachusetts. Details and registration information coming soon.

Family: In Search of Genuine Belonging

"Family: In Search of Genuine Belonging explores an important topic: how family love can fall apart in even the most loving of circles.

“Blessings” of different family structures and dynamics accompany the identification and definitions of families that centers on different incarnations; from “too much family” (with entwined identities that aren’t separate) to shame-based families; those dedicated to supporting heroic countenances; and others which require a scapegoat or mascot in order to function.

Each incarnation is treated to Paul Dunion’s analytical eye with the idea of exploring how denial, personal truths, chaos, or facades of looking good to those outside family translate to experience tempered by appearance."

D. Donovan
Senior Reviewer, Midwest Book Review.


Click here to read an engaging BookView Review interview with Paul.

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Teaching & Training

Paul has facilitated over 300 workshops on a global scale focused on topics pertaining to human potential and transformational development for over 30 years. He is an accomplished, dynamic and interactive presenter.

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“Dale Carnegie’s metamorphosis from farm boy to salesman to public speaking icon is also the story of the rise of the Extroverted Ideal. Carnegie’s journey reflected a cultural evolution that reached a tipping point around the turn of the twentieth century, changing forever who we are and whom we admire, how we act at job…

Making Peace with Mystery

Making Peace with Mystery reflects the most pervasive initiatory process in all indigenous cultures. It is regularly referred to as the Initiation into the Mysterium Tremendum (Great Mystery). Once we can accept that we are on a deeply mysterious and insecure journey we can begin to step into a dynamic and creative dance between our personal wills and the power of Fate. Such a dance is aimed at yielding a destiny illuminated by both depth and meaning.


“Life is an extremely deep mystery.
Let yourself be touched by her and she may grant you a glimpse.”