The Family: In Search for Genuine Belonging is Paul’s seminal work, culminating 40 years of professional experience. Readers are taken on a journey to explore the many different ways that love can be derailed within a family dynamic. From the surface-level facade of the Looking Good Family to the emotionally Enmeshed and Estranged Families, Dunion provides insightful guidance on how to identify and break free from toxic patterns that may be holding us back.

Through examining childhood roles and family expectations, readers are encouraged to step out of limiting beliefs and find their own path towards a healthy, whole love story. Dunion explores the concept of Enmeshment, where the family unit becomes the primary focus at the expense of individual interests, and the Estranged Family, where independence is valued above all else.

But the real power of Family lies in its ability to guide readers towards a more complete understanding of love, one that cherishes both the self and others. With practical advice on how to navigate emotional intimacy and address relational breakdowns, Dunion’s work is a profound invitation to find acceptance for where we come from while charting our own path towards individuation.
Whether you come from a family that embraces or rejects individuality, Family: In Search of Genuine Belonging is an essential read for anyone looking to create a more authentic, fulfilling life. Dunion’s insights and guidance offer a roadmap towards a whole love story that values both deep connections with others and a strong sense of self.

Listen to Paul speak about FAMILY on his recent MOBIUS MINUTE with Mobius Chief Innovation Officer, Stephenie Girard. 



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“When you know who you want to be at your death, you’ll know who you want to be in your life.”