We are excited to announce that Wisdom: Apprenticing to the Unknown and Befriending Fate was published on June 15, 2021 in paperback, hardcover and eformat. Available for purchase on: Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Books-A-Million.

It’s time to recognize that our accumulation of knowledge is simply not enough to adequately address the major challenges currently facing the world.  Paul’s seminal work brings an abiding quality of wisdom to our heart’s desire, our thinking, and our decisions.




October 23-28, 2022

Paul will be offering a 5-day teaching track (men-only) at Mobius’ Next Practice Institute entitled The Maturing Masculine Soul.

The Maturing Masculine Soul offers men an opportunity to explore and integrate what it means to live in a larger soul story. The ancient cosmologies of “Being” and “Becoming” are translated into the Power of Being and the Power of Becoming. Both Powers are set forth in clear expressions of attitudes and behavior, allowing for immediate application at work and at home. Although Caucasian men have more access to the Power of Becoming, they and Men of Color have been culturally limited to the Power of Becoming and unfortunately, and quite often, have not been aware of the price paid for such a restriction. This track explores what happens to a man’s soul when relegated to one power. We will address such questions as What losses have you experienced in being limited to one power? How does a man access and integrate the Power of Being? How can men become valued resources for one another supporting a life lived from both powers? How can men best model for other men and for their sons what it means to live with both powers?

Participants will employ the mediums of small group work, storytelling, guided meditation, ritual, psychodrama, journal writing, drawing, and didactic presentations. Space is limited. We recommend early registration to secure your spot.


FALL 2022

Paul’s latest book, Emma: A Soulful Path to Elderhood is scheduled for publication this fall. If you are not yet on Paul’s mailing list, feel free to sign up to receive all current updates.



“When you know who you want to be at your death, you’ll know who you want to be in your life.”