A Blessing For Trusting Yourself

By Paul Dunion / August 6, 2019

It’s been said that when we trust another, we hold the belief that the other will tell us the truth and be kind to to us. In a culture so concerned with what goes on between people, we define trust as a belief in two things: to believe the other will tell us the truth…

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Quotes That Matter – Week 4

By Paul Dunion / July 22, 2019

This week’s quote is from Sheldon Kopp: “I’m no longer interested in character development, as long as that implies in any way that my Buddhahood is not already at hand. My aim is to know and celebrate all that I am.” Kopp’s message is the cornerstone of my own growth and healing as well as…

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Quotes That Matter – Week 3

By Paul Dunion / July 16, 2019

This week’s quote is one of my own.  You can’t get life right. But, if you allow, life may get you right. Given the guidance we receive from Rilke and Frankl, we may find enough ego adjustment to allow life to get us right. If we don’t follow their suggestions, it is likely that we…

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Quotes That Matter – Week 2

By Paul Dunion / July 9, 2019

This week’s quote is from Sheldon Kopp. “I no longer hope to achieve good character, so long as that implies in any way that my Buddhahood is not already at hand. My aim is not improve my Self but only to know it all more clearly and to learn to celebrate all that I am.”…

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Quotes That Matter – Week 1

By Paul Dunion / July 2, 2019

I am typically very thankful when a quote comes my way, immediately touching and moving me to adopt its meaning.  My favorable response indicates that more information has just been added to my road map. A writer willing to get honest about life inevitably helps me to not only get more honest, but also to…

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A Blessing for the Sacred

By Paul Dunion / June 26, 2019

As religion may have disappointed and disillusioned you,  you may forgot that a religion’s shadow does not dismiss the sacred. The sacred demands recognition, even if it must wait for your reactions to   the contemptible to wane.. The ancients remind us to understand the sacred as “confirming what truly matters.” Shed all naiveté! This…

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A Blessing for Mercy

By Paul Dunion / June 16, 2019

We don’t talk much about mercy anymore. See if you can find a place for mercy in your life, maybe, initially as a small gesture to someone, most obviously deserving. Mercy is in need of a renewed welcome,  and a reverence much deserved. Mercy offers many gifts. It defies reducing forgiveness to a cavalier consideration.…

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A Blessing for Good-Bye

By Paul Dunion / May 30, 2019

I don’t know how to die with you. There are so many ways we have not yet begun. Thrown together as mother and son. Never my intent to have my uniqueness become something so frightening for you to know. In the beginning, I decided that your fear meant there was something wrong with me. That…

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A Blessing For Awakening

By Paul Dunion / May 23, 2019

There’s so much waiting for you. Let yourself stir gently. You’re moving from one world to another. There’s no rush. Let your departure from sleep be held in grace. You’re at the threshold, birthing new eyes. You are greeting a new light, a soft light of dawn that welcomes you. Do not turn your back…

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The Looking Good Family

By Paul Dunion / May 17, 2019

There is a cultural phenomenon deserving our attention. That is, the increased appearance of families committed to looking good. We’ll examine some of the actual dynamics in a looking good family and attempt to name what drives parents to create such a system. We’ll conclude with some suggestions to support healing for survivors of a…

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