An Enmeshed Family – or – Too Much Family

By Paul Dunion / March 4, 2020

An enmeshed family diminishes the value of individual members while prioritizing the wellbeing of the group. The enmeshed imperative is: Are you giving enough to others? Weak boundaries do not successfully separate and honor individual preferences and needs. There is a way to be, and individual family members are encouraged to figure that out and…

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A Blessing for Touched and Moved

By Paul Dunion / February 16, 2020

We’re familiar with the feelings of anger, sadness fear and joy. We’re willing to at least acknowledge that these feelings exist, if not in us, then somewhere, in somebody. One or more of them may be somewhat familiar to you. However, one feeling tends to live anonymously – touched and moved. What is this feeling…

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Reality Eclipsed by Virtual Reality

By Paul Dunion / February 6, 2020

There appears to be increased alarm about young males becoming obsessed with playing video games. The concern may be approaching epidemic proportions as there are now counselors and psychologists identified as experts who treat video game obsession or addiction. Undoubtedly, anyone playing video games seven or eight hours per day is likely to be in…

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The Struggle To Be Both Victim and Perpetrator

By Paul Dunion / January 1, 2020

Is it an intractable rigidity, fashioned by fear, that seems to accompany our moral fixations? The heart seems to lose its suppleness and ability to reach toward the unknown when haunted by fear. Once we decide that males are perpetrators and females are victims, there is little hope of introducing a level of healing for…

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A Blessing For Promises to Keep

By Paul Dunion / December 18, 2019

Do you remember the promises you made to keep? Not to this guy or that, not to parents or a boss, or a spouse. These are promises made to life. Or did you believe that only life was responsible for making and keeping promises? You can’t enter a love story with life until you come…

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A Blessing For Creating

By Paul Dunion / November 20, 2019

You came here to create. You were always meant to create yourself again and again. The challenge is to step into some unknown moment – a place you’ve never really been before. Fear may get the best of you, settling into the familiar, as if that’s all there is. The familiar will break its promise…

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A Blessing for Creative Tension

By Paul Dunion / October 17, 2019

You are a pilgrim, moved, pulled and directed by tension. You were welcomed to this world by uterine muscle spasms. Invasive contractions remained oblivious regarding your readiness. Forces larger than you will come again and again, ushering you somewhere you’ve never been. Let your early beginning continue to inform you about the nature of the…

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A Blessing for Right-Sizing the Soul

By Paul Dunion / October 14, 2019

Your childhood would have either been at least a bit arid or overrun with strong winds and ongoing cloudbursts. These early beginnings were marked by too much or too little affection, attention and encouragement. There would be no perfect climate. You would turn to the only thing in your control. You were not able to…

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How To Cope With Emotional Tension

By Paul Dunion / October 8, 2019

It is extremely helpful to recognize and name tension in the present moment. Locate the tension in your body. Direct your breath to the area of the tension. When possible, verbally acknowledge the presence of tension. Recognition and acknowledgement go a long way toward helping manage tension. Notice and name any emotion associated with the…

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A Blessing For The Loves

By Paul Dunion / August 26, 2019

You have loved in so many ways. You’ve loved with caution, commitment, anticipation, hope and even with desperation.  The heart has boundless ways to love and if you’re to come to know love, it will serve you to welcome them all. This blessing is for conditional and unconditional love. Unconditional love arises from deep sentiment,…

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