A Blessing For Promises to Keep

By Paul Dunion | December 18, 2019

Do you remember the promises you made to keep?

Not to this guy or that, not to parents or a boss, or

a spouse. These are promises made to life. Or did

you believe that only life was responsible for making

and keeping promises? You can’t enter a love story

with life until you come of age as a promise-keeper. 

Life makes no promise. As long as you believe so,

you remain a disappointed child on endless Christmas

mornings. Life only presents opportunity for defeat

and triumph, with the former being more likely. You

only learn and come to appreciate life’s immensity

be experiencing defeat, revealing a small glimpse of her.

But what of your promises to her? Did you make

some? Did you keep them? Or did you forget entirely?

It’s not too late for promises to keep. The promise-keeper

comes of age. No longer waiting for life to deliver whatever

would finally make life worth living. Life waits for

you to join her. Find your way to her.

Some measure of intimacy remains possible,

between you and life. You only need to be

grateful for a single breath, one welcome

extended to you by a friend or a stranger,

one sunset whose radiance can’t be compared

or a moment when someone remembers you.

Remain a promise-keeper and you will certainly

consummate your intimacy with life. Can you

promise to be loyal to the moment? Can you

promise to remain curious? Can you promise

to remain grateful? Can you promise to give

just a bit more than you take?

Oh, there are promises to keep. Don’t be

distracted by promises not kept. Life does

not ask for perfection, but only for one

whose heart rejoices in a resolve to hold

promises to keep.

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  1. Jody on December 18, 2019 at 10:40 am

    This writing touches the essence of the RV walkabout I’m on. With little distractions and less security and predictability, the questions you pose are my constant companions! Blessings

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