A Blessing For Creating

By Paul Dunion | November 20, 2019

You came here to create. You were always meant to

create yourself again and again. The challenge is to

step into some unknown moment – a place you’ve

never really been before. Fear may get the best of

you, settling into the familiar, as if that’s all there is.

The familiar will break its promise of being undemanding.


There is a significant measure of insidious activity

In the familiar. The opposite of creating is not

relaxing or chilling; it is dismantling, impairing and

sabotaging. You can certainly pause and renew your

capacity to create. However, once the pause finds

a repose in the familiar, you are dismantling yourself.

Dismantling means the seeds that would give rise

to the flowering of your character are trapped amongst

debris called fear, resentment, bitterness and revenge.

Only in accepting the truth of these anti-creating elements

will it be possible to get on with your soul’s task of

creating yourself.


Speaking the truth about these impediments is itself

a creative moment, for creating is an act of uniting.

When you speak with care, hope and acceptance

about that which obstructs, you rekindle the power

to create yourself. You reclaim the energy that

                      animates being artful.

Nothing liberates from the destructive ingredients

inherent in the familiar, more than the courage to

be ignorant. Ignorance and curiosity are the mid-wives

of creating. These birthing energies offer welcome

and invitation to that which hungers to join you,

finding its way into the recesses and depths of

       your heart and mind.

Trust your longing for what truly matters.

Be both gentle and disciplined as distractions

pull and nudge you away from the path that

matters. Your longing knows what it has yet

to understand. Because it does, it will not shy

away from some threshold, some edge of welcome.

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