Seeking the Sacred

By Paul Dunion | December 19, 2018

An ancient definition of the word sacred is “confirming what truly matters”.  Obviously, it’s always a good time to confirm what truly matters.  However, the Winter Solstice ushering in diminished light, Christmas, Hanukkah and an end of the year review may be a fitting time to confirm what truly matters.  I recommend suspending some probing analysis as a beginning place. Instead, bring your focus to the moment, noticing what lies there that may truly matter. In the absence of worry, fear and regret, all of which point you toward the future and past, you may find yourself embraced by the warmth of the moment. From the interior, there may be gratitude for a single breath, the relaxation of a clenched jaw, shoulders losing an unnecessary lift, breath that is willing to fill your lungs and some act of letting go long over-due. On the outside, the moment shows you the beauty of a winter sunset, a friend whose care touches you, gentle white lights illuminating a dark night, snow flakes blanketing naked trees and the smile of a child greeting life as a close friend.  Add to your list of what truly matters in that moment, the person you are; the one who seeks the sacred. Let that be your resting place. 

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