Returning to the Light

By Paul Dunion | December 9, 2018

Once darkness descends, it can be very difficult to return to the light. Darkness comes when you feel forgotten by those you deeply hoped would remember you.  Darkness comes when loss arrives seemingly indifferent about the removal of your health or a loved one succumbing to illness or injury. Darkness comes when a cherished belief withers, casting a deep shadow of disillusionment. Darkness comes when you are lost, stripped of your best sensibilities, no longer able to find home. 

Darkness leaves you alone, diminished and despairing. Darkness carries amnesia. You forget that the light will never leave you. Beauty, kindness and sweetness are always near. Yet, you insist upon turning your head away from what is luminous.  It is not that you are unable to see the light. You are unwilling! Such unwillingness is not an aberration of the human condition. You simply don’t want to give up your residency in darkness.  What could be the appeal of this dreadful abode?

We stand shrouded in darkness. Shivering and confused we utter a faintly audible sound, “I deserve a better life, I deserve a better life”.  Such a remark has nothing to do with deservedness.  You postpone your responsibility to remain a seeker of light. Your declaration falls upon deaf ears. No one is coming to make your life better.  What you deserve is simply an unadorned willingness to turn toward the light – a light that holds vigil for your arrival.  This willingness bears a new humility, as you are able to receive the thanks of one person, notice one winter sunset, gratitude for one breath and appreciation for the opportunity to live life on life’s terms, rather than grasping for some idyllic version that you deem your just due. 

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