Book Launch and Signing at RJ Julia

By Paul Dunion / November 6, 2016

Paul’s book launch and signing for Seekers: Finding Our Way Home was a raving success! In spite of the rain, approximately forty people came out to help Paul celebrate the release of his fifth book. He not only read from the book, but shared the story behind why he wrote Seekers and how he hopes…

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A Blessing For Seekers

By Paul Dunion / October 23, 2016

The same contractions that pushed and nudged you from the comfort and repose of your mother’s womb will again and again announce the presence of some threshold awaiting you. May you be received with welcome whenever you dare to be born again. That initial incubation was meant to prepare you for something larger. You were,…

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Keep ‘Em Talking

By Paul Dunion / October 2, 2016

Due to advances in contemporary Neurology, we know that emotional wellness depends upon the body and brain remaining in constant communication. The only issue is whether or not we are listening. “The brain implies the stomach and the stomach implies the brain; they are mutually intertwined in this democratic web of reciprocity.” (In An Unspoken…

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Nuptial Diversity

By Paul Dunion / August 22, 2016

One of the greatest challenges in a marriage is what happens when a couple has different needs or different values, the latter being more problematic. Often when a couple has dated for a reasonable amount of time and they seem to have come to know one another and love what they know, marriage becomes a…

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A Suffering Of The Soul

By Paul Dunion / August 16, 2016

Similar to most descriptions of human potential such as intelligence, productivity, academic potential and financial success, we place psychological wellness within a framework of the mentally ill vs. the mentally well. This hierarchal perspective tends to either keep folks trapped under the weight of pathological labels, or has us enduring the distress created by denial.…

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Apprenticeship With Defeat

By Paul Dunion / July 26, 2016

We live in a society offering ongoing homage to images of heroism. Is our fascination with heroic gestures reflective of a desire to be victorious over death? Is it symbolic of our investment in winning? Do we actually believe that our goal is to conquer life? A propensity for being heroic typically denies personal limits,…

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Feeling Secure Vs. Being Secure

By Paul Dunion / June 22, 2016

We easily translate our experience of security from feeling secure to being secure, when in fact they are quite different.  Feeling secure is a fleeting sentiment guaranteeing very little, while being secure suggests something substantial and enduring. However, confusing the two tends to leave us feeling quite insecure. The things and events allegedly empowered with the ability to have us being…

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Beauty of Belonging

By Paul Dunion / August 27, 2015

  If we think of beauty as the heart rejoicing in what it senses and feels, then there can be a vast amount of beauty in our experience of authentic belonging. We relinquish an opportunity for an experience of sublime belonging when we take refuge in anonymity. The challenge is to interrupt anonymity as an…

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The Hazards of Non-Belonging

By Paul Dunion / August 27, 2015

An old definition of the word belong is nearby. One implication is that we are motivated to bring our bodies, minds and hearts closer to a place, person or group when we experience belonging. Authentic belonging is accompanied by a comfort to reveal who we are. There is buoyancy to our experience of belonging when what we reveal…

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Misled Into Leadership

By Paul Dunion / August 18, 2015

We have come to believe that leadership is ultimately and mostly something that happens between people. It is a way we manage people. Beginning with such an exterior focus of leadership may be misleading. It may be that what we witness as leadership is implemented as an outcome of something more hidden and more interior.…

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