The Challenge of Maturation

By Paul Dunion / January 15, 2012

An old meaning of the word “maturation” is “happening at a proper time” referring to the cultivation of crops and the need for rich soil, water, light and fertilizer and stewardship or attention.  Our souls are like seed spread for planting. Some seed will fall on barren ground, inaccessible to water, light and nutrients. However,…

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Emotional Intimacy is learned

By Paul Dunion / January 3, 2012

In order to move beyond which ever primitive protective strategy we employ, ie. distancing, dominating or adapting, we need to remain mindful of which one we’re using and be willing to let go of it. Typically, the feelings sitting behind each strategy are fear and helplessness. Consequently, we need to learn to feel these feelings,…

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It’s Not Natural

By Paul Dunion / December 16, 2011

One of the most significant cultural myths is that developing an emotionally intimate relationship is a natural phenomenon. It is not natural, meaning we are not innately equipped to develop strong intimate connections with others.  Emotionally intimate relationships happen because we acquire a set of compententcies which guide the development of relationships possessing emotional depth.…

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