Good Love

By Paul Dunion | March 25, 2012

An old mentor of mine often spoke of “good love”. I came to understand that what he meant was love that was not smothered with sentiment unable to breathe life and vitality into the beloved. I’ve come to deeply appreciate my mentor’s considerations of love and have found it imperative to allow my own musing to impact the nature of “good love”. I believe that if I commit to living good love, then there are two questions which become paramount: How does my love live in the beloved? and How does my beloved’s love live in me? We can ground the first questions in other curiosities. Does my love add to freeing the other? Does it empower him or her? Does my love call the other to live closer to herself or himself? Does the beloved live more creatively because of my love? Does my love call the beloved to live in a larger story? We can ask the same questions regarding how the others’ love lives in us. Good love calls for vigilance and stewardship whereby we remain devoted to understanding how love lives in those we love and how their love lives in us.

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