The Challenge of Maturation

By Paul Dunion | January 15, 2012

An old meaning of the word “maturation” is “happening at a proper time” referring to the cultivation of crops and the need for rich soil, water, light and fertilizer and stewardship or attention.  Our souls are like seed spread for planting. Some seed will fall on barren ground, inaccessible to water, light and nutrients. However, if sturdy enough, this seed will grow and develop. And this is a rare seed. Most of us are like the seed in need of proper attention, mentoring which acknowledges and blesses our gifts, while offering support for our wounds. The mindful mentor does not view us as damaged goods because of our wounds, but rather treats our injuries as a place for deepening who we are. The mentor may also bring attention to some strength which evolved from the wounding.  An example would be a person raised in a hostile environment where it was advantageous to become hyper-vigilent,  watching and listening to the every move of authority figures who were unpredictably explosive. I have experienced several folks with such a background, who became wonderful listeners. They may need to learn how to tone down their vigilance, and the quality of their capacity to listen is noteworthy. Ultimate, the mentor blesses who we are, while hold a vision of who we were meant to be.

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  1. GLehner on January 21, 2012 at 6:55 pm

    I am very excited about this new adventure that you are undertaking! Wonderful step forward to reaching out to the many people eager to read your perspectives and connecting to us all with the blog spot. Yeah.

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