A Blessing for Touched and Moved

By Paul Dunion | February 16, 2020

We’re familiar with the feelings of anger, sadness

fear and joy. We’re willing to at least acknowledge

that these feelings exist, if not in us, then somewhere,

in somebody. One or more of them may be somewhat

familiar to you. However, one feeling tends to live

anonymously – touched and moved.

What is this feeling of touched and moved? We see or

hear of some tenderness, some act of care offered just

because it’s the thing to do. Some unsolicitous regard

touches and disturbs our hearts. Possibly, the disturbance

of a sleeping heart, convinced there’s no reason to be

awake, until roused out of an extended slumber.

You are likely moved and lifted out of the grip of some

cynicism or resentment. A disturbed heart wrestles its

way free from some contraction due to hurt or fear. It

is aroused toward a greater opening. Maybe just for the

moment, there is a renewed faith, a belief that some

measure of light is inevitable.

You are reminded of the sleeping heart, not expecting

some warm welcome, or to be seen and appreciated.

Then, without notice, you are touched and moved by

another’s gaze, holding an enduring gladness for your

presence. Your heart once again recalls the way of

belonging, a way that can easily rest near solitude.

Let yourself become the one who is touched and

moved, learning to live with a heart that rejoices

in its arousal. Life comes to know you as the one

waiting to be aroused and in that disturbance,

you come to know an abiding unity with life.

Separateness now lives in a quieter place. 

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  1. Jody grose on February 17, 2020 at 11:54 am

    Paul, your writing touches me ( perfect phrase for me) as I continue this outer and inner journey I’m on. I experience this almost daily, as I travel alone, yet always open to meet that glance of gladness. I feel hungry for belonging, and I’m filled with gratitude when met, inspired and moved! Blessings

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