A Blessing For Trusting Yourself

By Paul Dunion | August 6, 2019

It’s been said that when we trust another, we hold the

belief that the other will tell us the truth and be kind to

to us. In a culture so concerned with what goes on

between people, we define trust as a belief in two things:

to believe the other will tell us the truth and will be kind to us.

The same definition can explain trusting ourselves.

We now have a way to measure the trust we hold for

ourselves. Do you believe you will allow yourself to know

your own truth? Do you believe you will treat yourself

kindly? Coming to know your own truth may mean you

need to have a showdown with convention or some

family belief handed down to you through generations.

Welcoming your desire is a fine place to begin to groom

self-trust. The path of desire is not a testimony to the

glory of immediate gratification. But rather something

more Epicurean, something more enlightening. Desire

will likely lead to the truth of your beliefs, your values

and what you love. Desire is a fire illuminating the way.

Living as the recipient of your own kindness is no

trivial matter. You will be called to make peace with

your mistakes. Such kindness is only possible if you

let go of the belief that harsh and cruel treatment of

yourself will produce more favorable outcomes in the

future. You will need to hold ignorance with compassion.

As you trust yourself, you engender a discernment that

decides who has earned your trust and who has not.

You will discover a salient clarity telling you whether

or not you hear another’s truth or whether you are

being treated kindly. The one who knows how to

trust herself, knows who to trust or distrust.

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