A Blessing For Awakening

By Paul Dunion | May 23, 2019

There’s so much waiting for you.

Let yourself stir gently. You’re

moving from one world to another.

There’s no rush. Let your departure

from sleep be held in grace. You’re

at the threshold, birthing new eyes.

You are greeting a new light, a

soft light of dawn that welcomes you.

Do not turn your back upon the

darkness from which you came,

for it was the gestation of your

new eyes. Darkness prepared you.

You have moved away from a glittering

noon light, a shinning that convinced

you of so much. Sleep has made you

ready to let go of some bias, some limited

opening of the mind. Honor this time

of awakening. Be gentle.

Limit your regret of some prior blindness.

You were never meant to see all. Even now,

there is some limit to what you can see.

Know that your soul is pregnant with eyes

yet to be born. Like you, the person before you

possesses eyes preparing to be born.

Do not fear confusion and bewilderment.

They are the labor of an embryonic awakening.

Offer yourself midwifery guided by curiosity

and wonder. Let go of protesting an alleged

delayed readiness. Awakening results from your

readiness and life’s readiness to reveal more.

Do not be disappointed with your awakenings

that did not reveal all. Your awakenings were

never meant to bring you to some cosmic arrival.

They were always simply meant to be your way

of creating yourself. Some you will forget, some

will gently burrow into the fabric of your being.

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