A Blessing for Healing

By Paul Dunion | November 18, 2018

May your healing stories grow, with clarity about the wounding, embellished by depictions of boldness, grace, resolve and forgiveness.  Let these narratives find some small place where the voices of the demons haunting your soul continue to soften. When the journey invites you to turn against yourself, remember those who came before you, your ancestors, who prepared a place for you long before your arrival.  May your betrothal to life be renewed by a single act of generosity and a quiet moment of gratitude – releasing the shackles of victimization.

Let your heart exercise a fervent loyalty to the beliefs that enliven your spirit, while holding your views with a suppleness, which allows you to greet a fresh idea like the possibility of a new friend. Do not look at your life gravely, through the eyes of right and wrong, rather reach more deeply, beyond fear, to the place where wonder, curiosity and awe dwell. When you look at the distance which separates who you are from who you wish to be, remember compassion offered to who your are will inevitably be a welcome to who you wish to be.

Remember how fitting it is that you remain engaged in a love affair with the exploration of your inner world. May your life possess enough peace and disturbance to keep you enthralled with that love affair.

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