IndieReader Review of Seekers: Finding Our Way Home

By Paul Dunion | December 11, 2016

IndieReader, an online magazine featuring books written by Independent Authors has declared Seekers: Finding Our Way Home “a thoughtful, warm, and benevolent guide for those who find, or want, their lives to be a continual quest for spiritual and emotional growth.”

Paul wrote his newest book for those who seek a spiritual home. We are honored that IndieReader felt Seekers accomplished that task in a a clear and compassionate way.

“In SEEKERS: FINDING OUR WAY HOME, Paul Dunion, a psychological healer and philosopher, addresses those who feel called to seek something new in their lives: a view of the world, a reshaping of self, or an important philosophical discovery. He guides the reader through topics like spiritual homelessness and how one can build “a place to linger,” how to be truly present to someone else, how to find balance among the elemental energies, how to create and find enchantment in one’s life, and how to age well and wisely as a seeker.

Good counsel, sense, and compassionate wisdom abound in this book. Dunion’s advice on “contracted presence”—being there for people in need or distress without intruding one’s own needs or agenda on them—is priceless. Quotes, references, and advice from well-known figures, ranging from Einstein to the Dalai Lama, and anecdotes from friends, family, and clients (appropriately changed for confidentiality) are heavily sprinkled throughout the book. All are relevant, well-placed, and generally quite useful for illustrating his points.”

You can read the rest of the review on IndieReader.

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