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Title: Family: In Search of Genuine Belonging
Published by: Atmosphere Press
Release Date: March 26, 2024
ISBN13: 979-8891321113


Through examining childhood roles and family expectations, readers are encouraged to step out of limiting beliefs and find their own path towards a healthy, whole love story. Dunion explores the concept of Enmeshment, where the family unit becomes the primary focus at the expense of individual interests, and the Estranged Family, where independence is valued above all else.

But the real power of Family lies in its ability to guide readers towards a more complete understanding of love, one that cherishes both the self and others. With practical advice on how to navigate emotional intimacy and address relational breakdowns, Dunion's work is a profound invitation to find acceptance for where we come from while charting our own path towards individuation.

Whether you come from a family that embraces or rejects individuality, Family: In Search of Genuine Belonging is an essential read for anyone looking to create a more authentic, fulfilling life. Dunion's insights and guidance offer a roadmap towards a whole love story that values both deep connections with others and a strong sense of self.


“As life is a journey so is this rich and thorough exploration of how we travel through that life. Starting with our earliest teachers, our family system, Dunion does a gorgeous job of weaving between the psychological and spiritual aspects of our development. He notes, at a time when we desperately need clarity and an understanding of the work at hand, that to become an adult is a developmental achievement, not a biological one. He offers us both a clear set of signposts so we can find ourselves on the map and a set of restor- ative practices to engage with to grow ourselves up both psycholog- ically and spiritually.”
Jennifer Cohen, Seven Stones Leadership Group, Executive Coach, Mobius Executive Leadership

“In his latest book, Paul Dunion suggests that the idea that you came from a perfect family is an illusion—and one that can be very diffi- cult to swallow. He writes that being born into a family guarantees only two things: “You will be both gifted and wounded.” He then commits his penetrating mind and wisdom to exploring the ques- tion of what it will take to keep “the good stuff from a family expe- rience” and let go of the rest. Within every insightful discussion of a major family experience or trauma, Paul offers suggestions for healing, believing that each of us makes “a cosmic contribution to the greater good” when we take on the responsibility to learn and to heal. With Family, Paul makes a brilliant contribution to our living with greater understanding and freedom.”
Jennifer Read Hawthorne, co-author of Chicken Soup for the Woman’s Soul and Life as a Prayer: Poems

“I enthusiastically endorse Paul Dunion’s latest book on families, a remarkable contribution to psychotherapy and personal growth. As a family constellation facilitator, I have witnessed the transforma- tive power of Paul’s teachings and his profound understanding of human experience. Which his empathetic guidance, Paul delves into the complexities of family dynamics, offering practical tools to heal wounds and understand generational patterns. His approach, rooted in psychological principles and spiritual wisdom, fosters healthier and more fulfilling relationships. Family serves as a beacon of hope and guidance for navigating the intricate dynamics of family sys- tems. Through his compassionate wisdom and his amazing story- telling, Paul invites readers on a transformative journey of self-dis- covery, healing, and growth. It is a testament to Paul’s commitment to life, making it an invaluable resource for therapists, seekers, and those seeking harmony within their familial relationships.”
Ester Martinez, PhD