Dare To Grow Up

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Title: Dare To Grow Up: Learn to Become Who You Are Meant to Be
Published by: Bartleby Press
Release Date: February 25, 2012
ISBN13: 978-0910155878


What is maturity? People often think it’s something that you gain over the years, feeling that if you live long enough, you’ll end up a mature person. But it’s an achievement, one that not only takes time, of course, but effort and courage as well.

Paul Dunion compares this process of growing up to the cultivation of crops: “Some seed can simply be tossed about and regardless of light, water and nutrients, this seed will prevail and come of age,” he says. “The rest of us resemble the seed in need of stewardship, where attention needs to be paid to weeding, watering and enriching the ground that holds us.”

If, with much effort, and the help of others, we remain open to the mysteries of life, enriching ourselves with all living has to offer, then we may begin to learn who we were meant to become.


“Reading Dare to Grow Up is like having an on-going conversation with a warm, trusted friend. It’s like having someone, who sees with clarity, help guide your emotional growth. Compelling and engaging, this book offers you the wisdom necessary to become who you’re really meant to be. Get it for yourself... and for your friends!”
—Elinor Griffith, Senior Editor, Reader’s Digest

“Once again Dunion has me turning page after page unable to put this book down. For a culture masterful at perpetuating its own adolescence this book is a must read for anyone serious about the possibility of human evolution. Dunion has revealed to us the components required for human beings to mature, a powerful contribution to his field and to humanity in a time where wise teachers and mentors are in great demand.”
—Jen Cohen, Founder of Seven Stones Leadership Group

“Paul Dunion’s Dare to Grow Up offers us a fresh and compelling perspective for navigating today’s precarious path of maturation. Paul approaches this vital topic with a depth of emotional honesty that tells us he knows this landscape personally and is a trustworthy guide for men and women of all ages who elect to embark on this journey. He gifts us with the reassuring reminder that it is never too late to become who each of us was meant to be.”
—Thom Allena, Co-Author of Restorative Justice on the College Campus: Promoting Student Growth and Responsibility and Reawakening the Spirit on the Campus 

“This book is a brilliant insight into the collapse of modern man’s dominate culture and loss of spirit. It is a compassionate inner life road map back home. Back to the core essence of life’s always emerging individual and global purpose. The human heart is in peril. Today is the time for humanity to find its own soul again. In the pages of this book there are elders’ stories, healing poems from around the world and unburied secrets that lead to the reader’s freedom. For anyone who dares to truly love, this book could save your life.”
—Jeffrey Duvall, Author of Men, Meaning, and Prayer–The Reconciliation of Heart and Soul in Modern Manhood

“To learn the intricacies of watch-making, one goes to an expert watchmaker - watches how he works, listens to his explanations, discovers his strategies and his singular insights. And if one wishes to gain some understanding of the intricacies of human development and unravel the riddles of mature relationships, here is the book to read! Paul Dunion shares what can only be called wisdom—gained in years of helping people understand themselves and the complexities of their interactions. Not a book of abstract theory, or an anthology of anecdotes, this volume is a collection of perceptive hypotheses concerning the nature of human personality, both derived from and applied in actual therapeutic settings.”
—John-Julian, OJN, Priest, Therapist, Author of The Complete Julian